Able Works Job Description


Title: FutureProfits Program Specialist

Reports to: FutureProfits Manager

Supervisory Responsibility: FutureProfits Instructional Volunteers

Hours: 40 hours per week

Classification:  Full Time, Hourly, Non- Exempt, competitive compensation package

Starting Date: Summer 2017


Position Summary:

FutureProfits is one of two programs within Able Works.  FutureProfits targets under-resourced high school students who are at-risk of being caught in cycles of poverty and provides a 24 lesson course focusing on financial literacy, decision-making, and life skills. The classes are taught in partnership with local public schools and about 45 volunteers who instruct our curriculum.  The program runs at a fast-pace throughout the school year, teaching approximately 900 students each week.

FutureProfits has nearly doubled in size over the course of the last three years and has tremendous opportunity to further grow.  The program is in a critical stage of developing systems and operations to support such growth and position itself to provide a quality program at maximum capacity.

The FutureProfits Program Specialist will be critical in carrying out the daily operations of the program, all the while working to streamline operations and providing quality assurance.

Primary Duties:

Program Operations

  • Ensure curriculum is delivered efficiently and effectively for classroom instruction;
    • Provide materials and instructions to stakeholders in a timely manner;
    • Provide comprehensive schedules for each class and master schedule for program;
    • Resolve operational problems, adapt to immediate needs, and identify opportunities for improvement;
  • Collect, complete, and update all necessary onboarding materials for schools and new instructional volunteers;
  • Make recommendations for systems and operations improvement;
  • Create opportunities for experiential learning (e.g. field trips, cohorts, etc.) outside of the classroom, which carryout Able Works missional values; and
  • Assist in the recruitment and interviewing of new instructional volunteers;


Quality Assurance

  • Instill confidence with stakeholders that classes will be successful;
  • Advise instructional volunteers on how to maximize effectiveness in the classroom;
  • Oversee training of volunteers throughout the year;
  • Regularly evaluate and survey instructional volunteers for ways to improve;
  • Identify opportunities to provide quality assurance of curriculum delivery and implement solutions;
  • Participate in strategic planning related to the curriculum development and volunteer execution; and
  • Participate in teaching curriculum when needed, including last-minute or unplanned substitute teaching.



  • Collect data to be used for program impact measurement;
  • Make recommendations for new data collection methods and recommendations for improvements; and
  • Maintain accurate records and provide timely impact reports to management.


Special Events

  • Coordinate and participate in various events, sometimes during evenings or weekends, for Able Works, students, volunteers, and the community.



  • Perform other tasks as required.


  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent work experience;
  • Demonstrated experience in performing systems and operations improvement to meet program needs;
  • Demonstrated experience performing complex tasks with time management, advance preparation, and effective organization;
  • Demonstrated experience in training, instructing, teaching, or communicating with a varieties of audiences;
  • Proven strong communication, written and oral; and
  • Fingerprint clearances.



  • Proven leadership background and ability to take initiative with minimal supervision;
  • Specialized training in curriculum design or best practices for learning methods;
  • 3-5 years’ experience in high school level teaching or youth program management;
  • Spanish language proficiency;
  • Prior experience in working with under-served youth;
  • Minority applicants are strongly encouraged to apply; and
  • Video skills  and graphic design is a plus.


Skills Required:

  • High-attention to detail;
  • Strong administrative ability – organization, preparation, and time management;
  • Strong critical thinking – be able to resolve problems through logic and develop solutions with the ability minimize negative impacts; and
  • Strong interpersonal skills – interact effectively with people from a wide variety of backgrounds, read situations well, adapt behavior to suit the situation, and develop mutually beneficial relationships.


To Apply: Email resume and cover letter to No hard copies or phone calls. In cover letter please explain the specific reasons you believe you are qualified for this position. Do not email generic cover letters.


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