FutureProfits helps high school students prepare for their futures by equipping them with life skills and financial knowledge.

Program Overview

FutureProfits is an education program that partners with local organizations and public high schools in Northern California to provide 24 hours of curriculum in a school year. FutureProfits targets under-resourced high school students at-risk of being caught in generational cycles of poverty. Through this program, we equip youth with fundamental financial paradigms and life and decision-making skills to support their paths towards success and self-determination.

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I actually had kids who made sure to show up on the day FutureProfits came to my class so they wouldn't miss out."

Teacher, Carlmont High School

Through the skills FutureProfits taught us, I feel comfortable transitioning to adulthood.

Senior Student, East Palo Alto Phoenix Academy

I learned that everyone starts with different opportunities...but you can always change your path.

Senior Student, Sequoia High School

Why Financial Education?

Students from under-resourced communities tend to deal with a variety of factors that make implementation of sound financial practices difficult. These factors include limited formal education (high drop out rates), lack of access to financial education and a lack of parental modeling of fiscal management. The students in our target demographic tend to rely on predatory financial services that include check cashing outlets, payday lenders, and street-level loan sharks instead of traditional banks. This can be linked to classic distrust their parents have of financial institutions and the modeling of using these lending agencies. The FutureProfits™ curriculum combats these mindsets by exposing students to financial principles and educational planning, which helps prepare students as they transition out of high school.

Our Success 2018-2019 ( 2 high schools )

57% of students opened a savings or checking account


91% of students managed their own budget


92% of students distinguish between a “need” and a “want”


86% of students delay gratification in regards to spending


Increase in Financial Knowledge

40% increase of students’ knowledge of credit cards after FutureProfits


43% increase of students’ knowledge of the danger of payday loans after FutureProfits


31% increase of students’ knowledge of issues that lead people into debt after FutureProfits


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