Launched in 2019 to provide a continuum of support for former FutureProfits students, AchieveAble is a two year cohort-based program that provides recent high school graduates attending community colleges with peer support, academic advising, and individualized coaching. These services are provided free of charge to qualifying students.

Why is AchieveAble needed? Many community college students from under-resourced communities  juggle classes, jobs, and family responsibilities while navigating complex educational, social, and financial systems. AchieveAble is one of the few support programs  in California—whose community college system is the largest in the country—directed at this population. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, only 20% of community college students completed their degree or transferred to a four-year college; this number drastically decreased after the start of the pandemic. However, AchieveAble students have a success rate over 60% for this same goal, despite the obstacles they must overcome.


  • After two years in AchieveAble, students persist in and complete a certificate, a degree, or transfer to a four-year college; or be on track to transfer to a four-year college within a year.
  • Students successfully reach personal and relational well-being, financial management, and career readiness.

For Students

AchieveAble is a unique two-year program for young adults ages 17-20 who recently completed their high school diploma or GED and are ready to enroll in community college or vocational training. We help you navigate complex educational systems and provide you with peer support and professional guidance to keep you on track to obtain your associate degree or certificate or transfer to a four-year college or university. 

AchieveAble is provided free of charge to qualifying students. Our highly-trained staff will work with you to create an individualized plan based on your strengths, assets, and interests.


Young adults, ages 17-20 who:

  • Recently completed high school diploma or GED

  • Are ready to enroll in community college to pursue a degree or transfer

  • DREAMers and first-generation college students are encouraged to join! Click the button below to sign up. 

Program Components

  • 24-month cohort program

  • 1:1 and group coaching

  • Academic advising

  • Career development

  • Peer accountability

  • Fellowship and networking
  • Potential internship opportunities

What the students say

“Achievable helped me navigate college as a first-generation college student. The transition from high school to college was stressful because it happened during the pandemic. I felt like I had no guidance and was going in blind. But when I became part of the program, I was given a lot of information about what classes I needed to take and how I should decide my major. I was also given information throughout my time in college about things like scholarships and services that were provided by Modesto Junior College.”

- Susana

“If I am being honest, I do not know where I would have been without this program. The support I received is beyond amazing. AchieveAble provided excellent resources and helped me connect with such amazing people. They helped me navigate community college and apply to four-year universities. With their help, I was able to accomplish my goals of graduating from UC.”

- Abraham

The thing that nobody really mentions is that when you’re a first-generation college student, it’s really all up to you to figure out the ins and the outs, and asking your family for help is really difficult because they’ve never had the experience. But thanks to AchieveAble I was able to navigate through college with the information to succeed.”

- Emily


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