April Newsletter

By April 13, 2018Newsletter

“Quiero cambiar el futuro de mi familia.” I want to change the future of my family.

Yesenia is an ESL student who had been quiet and shy during FutureProfits classes. Like so many of our students, Yesenia is a recent immigrant. She is the first in her family to complete middle school. During a lesson about obstacles and resources, her FutureProfits Coach shared a story about being the first in her family to attend college and her experience as a first generation American.

Speaking up for the first time in class, Yesenia told her Coach that she dreams of going to college, but doesn’t know how to talk to her parents about it. Hearing that her Coach was able to overcome barriers to enroll and graduate from college, Yesenia said she was encouraged to keep trying.

As an immigrant and a student who isn’t fluent in English, Yesenia has faced additional challenges on her path to college. For example, she has had trouble finding resources to help prepare her for college and to learn about different colleges. Another challenge will be creating a plan to pay for college.

Often times, students like Yesenia fall through the cracks. Though extremely bright, language barriers, resource insecurity and family instability can make traditional academic success difficult. Despite their dreams of college and success, the urgent realities of surviving and additional barriers to success can force students to make the difficult decision to defer their aspirations.

Yesenia will take the skills and knowledge she’s gained from FutureProfits to best position herself for success, even if she takes a non-traditional path. Able Works, and our FutureProfits Coaches, are proud to support students like Yesenia as they chart their own courses to success.

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