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By May 15, 2017Newsletter

FutureProfits beyond the classroom

With tax season often comes confusion and consternation. Am I supposed to subtract 12b from box 16e only if line 34 on Form 1010 is more than 12.5% of the total of lines 23-66? Sometimes, we just need to ask someone we trust to help us find answers.

That is exactly what Elizabeth Ronn, who has been a FutureProfits volunteer for 6 years, did for her students at Sequoia High School.

A few weeks ago, Elizabeth was approached by Taja Henderson, Economics and Government teacher for Elizabeth’s Seniors, with a request to set aside some time to help students find some much-needed answers, since many of their students were working and unsure whether or not they needed to file a return.¬†At first hesitant because she is not a tax professional, Elizabeth decided that she could help students find the best resources to get the answers they needed.

After class one day, Elizabeth and her students scoured websites like IRS.gov and the franchise tax board website for information. She also connected students with free tax preparation resources. Afterwards, a few students sought out Elizabeth’s help for answers to specific questions they had for their own and their families’ taxes.

Elizabeth has always emphasized the real world applications of the FutureProfits curriculum to her students. The most important thing Elizabeth wants her students to take away are tools to control money and not let money control them. “I teach because I love it when a lightbulb goes off in a kid’s head and they realize, ‘Hey, I can change this!'” says Elizabeth.

Thanks to volunteers like Elizabeth, FutureProfits helps students gain skills and a pathway to greater financial success, and ultimately, self-sufficiency.