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By April 27, 2016Newsletter

FutureProfits Volunteer Story from Able Works on Vimeo.

Meet Jeff.
Jeff has volunteered with FutureProfits for nine years. He has invested in the lives of hundreds of students.

Join Jeff and become a FutureProfits Volunteer Today!

“The program will have a positive influence on their future lives even if they are not appreciating it now.”
-FutureProfits Volunteer, Carlmont
If you are wondering what impact YOU can make
in the life of a student, consider this:

You could inspire a student to pursue a career
they would have never considered.

You could protect a student from using payday loans
by helping them plan ahead.

You could introduce a student to your favorite college.

You could share your own story
and help a student avoid poor financial choices.

You could encourage a student to think
about their future after high school.

Invest 50 minutes a week and make a difference.

FutureProfits is recruiting for the 2016-17 school year and needs 50 volunteers to help us reach 900 students a week across 7 schools.

Contact us to get involved or to confirm your schedule!