August Newsletter – Lucy’s Story

By August 25, 2016Newsletter

Lucy’s Motivation

IMG_7507Motivation comes in many forms. For some of us, it is the challenge of a new task, fear of failure, or a desire for monetary gain. For others, it may be verbal appreciation, the joy of solving a difficult problem or fulfilling a lifelong passion. In Lucy’s case, her motivation came from the aspiration to achieve her personal career goals and challenge herself. Lucy is a 19-year-old mom in our LiveAble:Women cohort who has used her new found motivation to start her first career.

Luzmarie Aguilar (Lucy),  joined our LiveAble:Women in February 2016. She initially joined because she wanted free time outside her house, she wanted to hang out with her friends and find resources for her 1-year-old daughter. After a few months, Lucy’s commitment changed. Through one-on-one coaching, she determined that she wanted to set career goals for herself and start getting ahead.

In June, through a guest speaker at the cohort, Lucy heard about a job opening at Wells Fargo. She learned from Priscilla, her coach, that Wells Fargo was a great career option. She needed a job that would be flexible enough for a new mom, offered professional training and career growth opportunities. Previously, Lucy had worked in retail because, in her words, “it was much easier to apply to retail jobs.”  With the help of a LiveAble volunteer, Lindsey Van Zanten-Sailors, Lucy decided to do the hard work and apply.

Lindsey’s Partnership With Lucy

Before volunteering with LiveAble:Women, Lindsey was grappling with how she could use her skills and expertise as a professional recruiter to connect people from under-served communities to the jobs she sees on a daily basis. Lindsey was introduced to Able Works last September at the Able:FORUM and was encouraged to learn that others were engaging with similar questions throughout the Silicon Valley. She felt compelled to start working toward her goal of helping others with the future desire to do this work full time. Lindsey reached out to Able Works to see if she could partner with us and we had the perfect opportunity for her to jump in.

Lindsey began coaching three of our cohort members to help them prepare their resumes and cover letters. In her meetings with Lucy, they worked to build an employment history timeline, write a cover letter and resume, and build confidence in answering common interview questions. When Lucy received her first phone interview with Wells Fargo, Lindsey was at her side cheering her on and offering continuous support. After three interviews, Lucy was offered the job.

Lindsey was overjoyed at the news,“I was thrilled for her. I was so proud. I saw her take a lot of ownership over the process. Every time we met she came more and more prepared. She went out and made it happen. She found the resources she needed to succeed.”

Lucy was also thankful for Lindsey’s support, “I appreciate her very much. She [Lindsey] helped me through the whole process. She was so proud of me. She helped me with interview questions and we went over previous jobs and figured out a format that was professional. She helped me get it done quickly.” 

Lucy started at Wells Fargo in early August and although she is busy, she is enjoying the new job. When asked what she has learned from the cohort she said, “I learned to be motivated. Before the program, I wasn’t very motivated. I was always taking an easier route. Having the support of Lindsey, Priscilla, and the other cohort members helped me stay motivated to reach my goals.”