Our flagship program, FutureProfits brings life skills, knowledge and coaching to launch youth on a trajectory of success. FutureProfits is an education program that partners with local organizations and public high schools in Northern California to provide curriculum during the school year.

Our proven curriculum and approach provides culturally relevant life skills and financial education to high school students during a critical time of their lives. In the last 14 years, we have served over 10,000 students.

Why does financial education matter?

Students from under-resourced communities tend to deal with a variety of factors that make implementation of sound financial practices difficult. These factors include limited formal education (high dropout rates), lack of access to financial education, the need to identify career pathways for a livable wage and other systemic and generational factors. The students in our target demographic often rely on predatory financial services that include check cashing outlets, payday lenders, and street-level loan sharks instead of traditional banks. The FutureProfits™ curriculum combats these mindsets by exposing students to financial principles and educational planning and life envisioning teniques which helps students dream and prepare for their lives after high school.


  • Students feel empowered to make informed decisions about their future

  • Students build healthy financial habits

  • Students identify a pathway after high school that leads to economic freedom

  • 10% of students join an Able Works Cohort

Why FutureProfits?

“Going into the adult world isn’t easy but with the tips and knowledge I learned from FutureProfits, it makes it less stressful.” 

- Giselle

Sequoia High School

“Ceres students found the FutureProfits lessons to be incredibly engaging and relevant. Not only were the students actively engaged in the classroom activities, but they also took the information they learned and shared with friends and family to use their knowledge to help others. FutureProfits is giving Ceres students fundamental knowledge needed to set and attain their future goals.”

- Amy Peterman

Deputy Superintendent, Ceres USD

School Partnerships

To reach our target demographic, we are strategic and intentional with our school partnerships. Our ideal school partners serve communities that have the following traits:

  1. High percentage of Free and Reduced Lunches 
  2. Socio-economic challenges
  3. Diverse student body 
  4. LEP (Limited English Proficiency)
  5. No existing financial education program 


Curriculum features:

  • 20 lessons taught by a trained coach within the classroom

  • Personal financial education

  • Hands-on activities

  • Decision making skills

  • Data driven results

  • Campus Clubs for deeper engagement outside the classroom