FutureProfits™, our flagship education program, empowers high school-age students in under-resourced communities to deepen their financial knowledge, build healthy money habits, and harness a greater vision for their future as they forge their own paths toward economic freedom. We partner with local organizations and public high schools to provide curriculum during the school year.

Why does financial education matter?

FutureProfits teaches the basics of wise financial practices. Without such interventions, life lessons for these youth are often hard-won in the adult world, as many become targets of predatory lending, high interest credit cards, and other financially exploitative practices.


Our Unique Approach:

Students who participate in Able Works’ programs benefit from genuine, trusting, respectful relationships with program staff who are from the community they serve, speak the same language(s), and have faced hardships similar to those of our students. 

Such relationships create safe spaces where students feel comfortable and encouraged, and directly empower our students to be able to envision brighter futures.


  • Students feel empowered to make informed decisions about their future
  • Students build healthy financial habits
  • Students identify a pathway after high school that leads to economic freedom


Why FutureProfits?

“I’ve been saving to buy my own car and the lesson on planning for the future and putting a certain percentage of money away has really helped.”

- Connor

“I appreciate that you taught us in a way we could relate to and understand.” 

- Erick

School Partnerships

To reach our target demographic, we are strategic and intentional with our school partnerships. Our ideal school partners serve communities that have the following traits:

  1. High percentage of Free and Reduced Lunches 
  2. Socio-economic challenges
  3. Diverse student body 
  4. LEP (Limited English Proficiency)
  5. No existing financial education program 


Curriculum features:

  • 20 lessons taught by a trained coach within the classroom

  • Personal financial education

  • Hands-on activities

  • Decision making skills

  • Data driven results

  • Campus Clubs for deeper engagement outside the classroom

Educators and administrators, contact us to learn about this program

If you are an educator or school administrator and are interested in implementing FutureProfits™  in your school, please fill out the contact form to learn more. As a nonprofit agency, Able Works’ programs are provided free of charge to your school and your students.

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