July Newsletter- FutureProfits goes to Summer School

By July 29, 2016Newsletter


FutureProfits Is Always Striving For Excellence


08cb26df-b9cb-4f53-9b19-725633dc701dThis July, FutureProfits has been back in the classroom testing new lessons for the upcoming school year. We have gathered feedback from volunteers, schools, teachers and students to make sure we are providing the best and most impactful lessons in our classes.

One of the new lessons we piloted highlighted the amount of influence the media, advertising, and marketers have over how students spend their money. The students watched two videos about the top 10 advertising lies you didn’t know were made up by advertisers, and a behind-the-scene look at the science of advertising.

4b5fa14e-7ebf-407e-89c6-3eb8e8588848Students also identified money messages in popular music and were asked to agree or disagree with the messages they found. Both of these activities helped students think and identify messages that surround them. We believe once they are aware, they can combat these messages and make wiser choices.

If you are interested in helping students make wise financial choices, please consider volunteering for the 2016-2017 school year. For more information about getting involved, please contact Sia.

Able Works received a new matching challenge. If you are interested in supporting Able Works, every dollar donated will be doubled up to $12,500!

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