June Newsletter

By June 26, 2018Newsletter

It seemed like such a distant goal. The many long nights after work or school, struggling through papers and reports, worrying about pulling together meals. But each day, she squared her shoulders and stuck to her plan. He didn’t let anyone stand in his way or tell him he couldn’t dream of college and a career.

This month, Able Works celebrates our graduates.

Graduates like Jackie and Giovanni, who completed FutureProfits at East Palo Alto Phoenix Academy this spring. Both Gio and Jackie spoke about the impact of FutureProfits on their lives at our annual FutureProfits Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. Because of what he learned in FutureProfits, Gio, 17, opened a savings and checking account, and feels much more confident about his finances. He says his FutureProfits Coaches, Nancy and Jon, encouraged him in pursuing his college degree as well as to develop a habit of saving 60% of his paycheck.

“That’s what I want to be – prepared,” Gio says. “I want to be ready to go after the things I want in life.” Gio will be attending Foothill College in the fall, and plans to intern at Facebook.

Graduates like Jasmine, who earned her Sociology degree from Cal State East Bay this month and is the first of our LiveAble alumni to complete a 4 year degree. Jasmine was a part of Able Works’ third LiveAble cohort. During her time with LiveAble, Jasmine was able to secure stable, safe housing for her and her two daughters. She also developed a plan to earn her degree by working part time. Jasmine currently works as a paraeducator at an elementary school in the East Bay. After graduation, Jasmine is taking a well-deserved break and may pursue a Masters in Education.

Please join us in congratulating all of our Class of 2018 graduates by sending an encouraging note! Please submit your note to jane@able.is or share a note on our Facebook page.