June Newsletter

By July 8, 2016Newsletter

Life is about investment

9c90857c-39ba-4143-9d78-7a79cd259971Where we choose to invest our love, time, energy and money determines a great deal about our individual and collective futures.
Able Works seeks to break cycles of poverty, and we believe our biggest return on investment comes when we support those who are investing in the next generation. As in the market, some investments show a quick return and others take the time to mature. We know that investing in women and families through our LiveAble program does both. Able Works’ sees a quick return on our investment when women find new careers, open savings accounts and enroll in college; but, we are also banking on the future return of children growing up to be confident, assured and stable adults. Adults that invest in the next generation and break the cycle of poverty.

255a9b4f-a34c-44bc-94e3-8771f397da9dAble Works was recently invited to be a delegate at the Bay Area Women’s Summit hosted by the Women’s Foundation of California. The event theme was, “When Women Succeed, The World Moves Forward.” Meaning, when we invest in women and help them move forward economically, it directly impacts the next generation. Many noteworthy women contributed to the event including the Senior Adviser to President Barack Obama, Valerie B. Jarrett, the Executive Chair of the Board for Kiva, Julie Hanna, and the President and CEO of PolicyLink, Angela Glover Blackwell.

722c489f-4f3d-4972-a476-5def857a0fbfWe learned a few statistics that directly relate to our investment in LiveAble participants. California women represent two-thirds of minimum wage workers, two-thirds of tip workers and two-thirds of part-time workers; jobs that are particularly difficult when raising children as they generally don’t have flexible hours or benefits. Additionally, 60% of California’s families are supported by women as the main breadwinner or co-breadwinner, meaning more women are working and raising families. Because women are raising a majority of the children in our state, providing an equal, if not majority share of resources, any wage disparity that exists adds up quickly. These statistics show the need for our investment in the economic mobility and stability of mothers.

5ae672bc-82ac-4cdd-80d7-9edb5892ce5eA famous Chinese proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the second best time is now.” If we seek to end cycles of poverty in our communities, today is the day to invest in women and children. The more we invest, the more return we will see in the next generation.