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By March 23, 2017Newsletter

LiveAble: Walking together

A recent graduate of Liveable, Amira* has made great strides to move her family from surviving to thriving. However, Amira’s road to Liveable started nearly a year before her first cohort meeting.

When Amira realized that her 8-year old daughter’s panic attacks were a result of witnessing domestic violence, Amira was determined to take the first – and often most difficult – step to a better life for her and her four children. She started to secretly gather paperwork and money in order to escape her partner, who had been abusive and controlling throughout their fifteen year relationship. It took Amira eight long months, but finally she and her children were ready to leave.

After an arduous journey north, during which Amira was in constant fear that she would be caught and returned to her partner, Amira was reunited with her mother in California. Through her mother, Amira was introduced to a Liveable graduate, who shared her life-transforming experience in Liveable. Now that Amira and her family were safe, she knew it was time to take the next step and learn how to thrive.

During her year with Liveable, Amira began to work through the trauma that she had endured and make positive changes for her family. She enrolled her children in school, obtained a driver’s license, opened a savings account, and purchased a car. Amira’s Liveable Coach also helped her obtain legal help to apply for amnesty. Amira even landed her dream job as a caregiver in a residential home, increasing her monthly income by 225%, and is looking forward to enrolling in school.

Like so many of our Liveable participants, Amira showed remarkable courage and strength to take one difficult step after another to bring her family out of a hopeless situation. “I learned that … you can restart your life,” said Amira. “It’s never too late.”

Amira’s story is a testament to the deep need for support as the most vulnerable women in our communities transition from surviving to thriving. Liveable is honored to walk wi
th young moms like Amira towards healing, success and self-sufficiency.

*Name has been changed to protect identity.

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