May Newsletter

By May 15, 2017Newsletter

Flourishing as a family

Our LiveAble participants continually show us their tenacity, courage and willingness to sacrifice for their children and families. LiveAble was designed on the principle that by equipping young moms with tools and skills, the entire family can flourish. We’ve seen this happen time and again throughout all our LiveAble Cohorts.

Grace* is just one example.¬†When she first joined LiveAble, Grace was working as a janitor for a high end car manufacturer, but wanted to find a job with better hours so she could spend more time with her young daughters. During her time in LiveAble, Grace was able to get the help and coaching she needed to complete Stanford’s lengthy job application process and started her new job shortly after graduation. Grace’s new job not only had better hours, but she was able to increase her income and send both her daughters to private school.

Grace was also able to stabilize her life in other ways. Her LiveAble coach helped Grace find the legal help she needed to be awarded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Grace also received therapy to work through trauma from a toxic relationship.

Today, Grace is still continually working to improve her life and the lives of her daughters. Grace is pursuing a possible route to obtaining legal permanent residency and still working full-time at Stanford.

We’ve found that mothers like Grace are not the exception, but the rule. It has been an honor and a joy to walk alongside women like Grace. Your investment in Able Works and LiveAble opens doors not just to young moms, but also to the next generation.

*LiveAble participant name changed to protect her privacy.